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Don't fill the gas tank of the car. If the tank is low, between 1/8th to 1/4th of a tank, this will save quite a bit of weight.

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Shipping Cars To Nigeria From Canada

The most important issue for people to understand about the process of motorcycle shipping is that this industry is not like UPS, Fed-Ex or even the Postal Service. Pick-up and delivery dates are estimates, typically not guarantees of pick-up or delivery dates. Unforeseen problems from mechanical break downs, traffic, and weather all contribute to delays. Patience is required, and most companies want to get your motorcycle to you as soon as you do. Make sure you have realistic expectations about when your motorcycle will be picked up and delivered.

You can actually look for the most reliable car shipping company in the internet. Not all companies are scams, and if you only know how to spot the difference, then you can choose the most efficient of all, that is if you know how. This article will help you become a discerning customer and be able to choose for the most suitable car shipping provider you require.

The car Transport Company or auto drive-away should insure your vehicle against damage and theft. ASK FOR A COPY OF INSURANCE COVERAGE. Ask if the carriers insurance is PRIMARY or SECONDARY to your own insurance in the event of damage during car transport. Also, ask if there is damage deductible – VERIFY ALL IN WRITING. In addition, your own car insurance may cover your vehicle in transit – check with your car insurance company to verify.

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Remove the registration and title from the car.

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Make sure that if you or an authorized party is not available to receive your car, that it will be stored in a secure storage facility where you will be able to pick it up at a more convenient time. This may be subject to additional charges.

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One thing you definitely dont want to happen is that your car alarm goes off during shipping. The crew which is responsible for shipping your car cannot possibly be familiar with the ins and outs of every single car model on the market today, and how to disable their alarms. If your alarm goes off during shipping, there is a good chance that your car might suffer damage as a result of the crew attempting to shut off the alarm. This is a needless situation that in easily be avoided by simply disabling the alarm prior to shipping.

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Be sure that the auto transport company will be providing appropriate insurance for your car. Ask for copies of their insurance certificates. Note the amount of insurance coverage that will be provided by the car carrier while the car is in their custody.

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Relocating across the country can definitely burn holes in your pocket especially if you need to transport your car from one place to another as car shipping services can be very expensive these days. However, if you are tight on your budget but still require the need for car shipping, then it will be to your advantage to get as many car shipping quotes as possible.

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Open auto transport trucks are the multi vehicle transporting trucks that you see on highways throughout the country. In an open carrier the main car storage area will be exposed to the elements. Your car will have no protection from sun, heat, snow etc. However, the good news is that this transport option is much more affordable compared to enclosed vehicle shipping. Utilizing an enclosed auto transport truck will give you added piece of mind since it will protect your vehicle from the elements. The enclosed auto transport option would be best suited for the more valuable, vintage, classic and collectible vehicles.

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If it is your first time to join car shows and exhibits, then it is to your full advantage to trust a company that knows the minutest details of these types of events to provide you with the most suitable luxury car transportation. It absolutely helps to hire a transport company with wide affiliations on various carriers to give you the edge on choosing for the most suitable carrier, especially in terms of rate and the preferred service you require for your expensive car. Consider the value of your vehicle to ensure that the transport company you hire will indeed take care of your investment throughout the whole process.