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There are other things that people also have to pay attention to when it comes to car shipping. This would be the specific products and services that are also offered by these companies in order to make sure that their clients make the best choice. Some companies offer standards such as open carrier types of vehicles and at the same time they also offer enclosed carriers for those that might want special transport options for their vehicle.

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Once you have this all in place, the auto shipping service like Auto Moved will have a GPS tracking device installed in your car. This makes it a lot easier for you to monitor the location of your car and whether it will get to the destination on time.

Do a Thorough Vehicle Inspection: Document Its Condition In order to ensure any claims of vehicle damage are accurate and enforceable, make a complete report of any pre-existing damage your vehicle may have. You may want to go as far as taking pictures (and dating them) of the vehicle prior to shipping it.

The average shipping time depends on the distance. The time frame breaks down to pick up window and delivery time.

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You may choose between any of our four auto transport services. We offer open, enclosed, door to door and terminal to terminal auto transport services. If the area is not accessible for a auto transport carrier to safely pickup and/or drop off the vehicle, we will ask to meet at a safe, well lit place. There are some auto transport companies that will only pickup and deliver to terminals. We would like to make your decision making process as easy as possible for you.

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You will have a pick up window, which means a time surrounding the time of your pick up date. Some shippers have a two week window that within that time they can pick up your car. Cheaper carriers may not have a pick up date and sometimes you may not see your vehicle until several weeks later. The cheap car transport company should have a license and carry insurance. You should make them show proof of this to you. If you go with a cheap transport company that does not have license or insurance then you are not protected against any theft or damage.

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Remove any valuables and important documents from within the car.

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Be careful that you invest good amount of time in deciding the auto transport company, there are many companies that provide good services with different conditions at reasonable prices. But being alert is our duty and we need to think about our budget constraints. There have been rapid developments and sophisticated use of technology these days. We can get our vehicles transported at remote distances in overseas countries. People are resorting to international auto shipment because they are moving from one country to another. They find it difficult to transport their expensive vintage cars across the national frontiers, so they look in for the high quality service provided by the auto transport movers. There is also a need for the people to ship their cars in the remote areas.

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Always attempt to negotiate a lower price by cutting out parts of their regular service that are not necessary for you. For instance, if the normal level of service is that your car is picked up at your home and delivered to your new address, see if you can negotiate a lower cost if you are willing to deliver your car to the shipping terminal and then pick it up at the shipping terminal on the other end.

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If your car is not in good operating condition then this must be known to the shipper ahead of time so that they can take the proper measures to push the car into the trailer. This may cost you more if your car is not running because of the additional labor of getting your car on and off the trailer. Check the fluids in the car and make sure that they are not leaking anywhere under the car. Sometimes cars are stacked onto two levels to transport. Your car could leak fluids on someone elses vehicle and this could cause damage to another persons car that you would be responsible for.

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Will the company be liable to any damage done to my car during transport? To make sure that the company will be held liable, ask the auto transport company of any contract that underlines this responsibility of the company. You could inquire about further insurance claims for the peace of mind.